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5 Ways to Promote Your Local Business Online for Free

The Internet is teeming with marketing platforms that don't cost a dime—you just need to know where to look.

When it comes to promoting small businesses - the last thing you want to do is create extra admin or work for yourself; however if you use the below ideas to do a quick marketing campaign, you may surprise yourself with the boost you see in business without the extra marketing costs.

#1 Use Local Listing Services

Sign your business up on GOOGLE - Not only does this mark your business for customers nearby when they are searching; but also gives you an idea of your competition nearby.

Sign up for Yahoo! Local and Microsofts Bing.

The more presence your business has online, the more chance your customers have of finding you!

#2 Set up your SEO on your Company Website

Whether you designed your website using a builder or hire a website designer, ensure that you have the following included in your SEO

Long tailed Keywords are underrated - sure "Shop Online" might get a lot of clicks but the click-through rate may be limited due to competitors all using the same.

"Shop Online for gift Invercargill", may result in less clicks but higher click-through rates, leading to proportinally higher sales.

Keyword your products and services - Many customers may not be looking for a generic site such as "gift website" but they may be looking for "a tool set for dad" which site may include. Ensure each of your products and services have keywords throughout your site so when search engines trawl through, they can easily to your customers needs/wants.

#3 Join a Relevant Online Community and Contribute

The most important thing here is to not oversell your products - especially if admin rules specify "no advertising." Instead contribute in a supportive way, displaying your knowledge of certain things, for example, you are selling zero waste products and join a local zero waste group. Here is the point where you don't have to be scared sharing knowledge. A majority of people don't have the time to recreate the services and products to the standard that you sell them for, and you'll become a valued member of the community.

#4 Use YouTube to Create Free Videos

YouTube provides a free way to distribute creative promotional videos. Vary your content between sharing knowledge, use keywords and links in your videos description to gain more internet presence. Consider collaborating with other businesses to get more airtime, look at suppliers to your businesses or relevant industries your customers may also be interested in.

#5 Start a Blog

Surprisingly people actually read these and this can be where another collaboration is considered. People love free knowledge, and it's an excellent way to create more SEO trending capabilities. Ensure you smoothly add in keywords that are foundational to your business practices and this will increase the chances of the capture when search engines are trawling through your site!


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